Sunday, May 4, 2008


I dun really know why but i'm so damn bored here. Nothing seems rite and i dunno what to do. Watch movie?? but i've watched all of the latest ones and they did not impress me at all except a few like ironman. deathnote was an average movie for me. Too average if i may say so. But then again, they make tonnes of money from the production and who am i to say that its not gud enuff that way. I've staying home for the past weeks and now i had it. I need to find something to do and i need it rite now. Huhu. Too desperate huh? but that's the ugly truth about this life of mine. Huhu. i'll be continuing my studies(again) in july. Doing my degree. huhu. I'm so tense up.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my life so far...........

Oh my God!!! has been a month since i post anything..i miss u guys so much...i am so happy cuz i finally graduate and finish my life so far is quite the ordinary as before but i can't seems to enjoy it like i was before..i think apart of me is still holding on to the past..its extremely hard to let go of the memories..the feeling..the one who in the past meant so much to you..but thanks to you friends out there.thanks a lot..for showing me that there is still light at the end of this deep tunnel.. So now..i'm trying to chill out and hv fun with my frens.. So plans for this week are:

1. Going to the beach and hve picnic with friends
2. Camping
3. Movies
4. Bla...bla...(macam plan biasa je kan?ntah pape..huhuhuhu)

But it has been so long since i went out and have real fun with my i think this will be the perfect tme for that..besides..its my fren's(Adreena) bday this weekend so i think that is a gud reason to go out and PARTY!!!..(n.n) alin..i hope you and your teru will be gud more speculation,controversy and cat fight k..hehe..mengalahkan artis2 yana..i wish u gud luck k in ur future strong...have faith and never give up.. be like the the wave..not because it rises and fall but because when it fall it never fail to rise again... i'm tryig to turn on a new leaf now..and hoping that this time..the wind will not blow my leaf away from me..cuz if it happens again i dun know whether i am strong enough to overcome it..but i hv my fingers cross to revoir..i'll try and post smething ASAP..

Monday, February 25, 2008

specially to those who need help..hehe

i know that i've down lately..very2 down..but i'm back n ready for action!!..hoho..just bought another pet cutela this hamster..its name is bobo..very round and alin or anyone at all..if u guys wanna ask questions about guys..share problems or anything,,,,,i'm your guy k..i'l try to help u out..if u r shy to post it here...dun worry..u can drop me a line at just ym me..=p..and alin..ask je anything k..hoho

Thursday, February 21, 2008


hi..emm..i guess i finally got a hold on myself..still trying to not lett the past haunt sort of made me realiazed that i need to be thankful to be around the people i know now..nothing quiet the same for the past few days or so n i guess it will never will..i'm not giving up..maybe its a phase..was forced to c DUNIA BARU THE MOVIE last nite with my sis..its a good movie..highly entertained..made me frgot the harsh fact for a plan this week would me going to the counselor for sme help..i really need help..n just enjoy life as it is i guess..which i doubt will be as enjoyable as before..but nonetheless, there is still alin n yana..thanks a lot k..thanks3!!!..erm..i finally was able to smile yesterday..n ya,laughter is the best medicine..(n.n)

The Gift Of Knowing You
There are gifts of many treasures
For both the young and old,
From the tiniest little trinkets
To great boxes filled with gold.

But, put them all together
And they could not stand in lieu,
Of the greatest gift of all
The gift of knowing you.

When your times are filled with troubles
Sadness, grief, or even doubt,
When all those things you planned on
Just aren't turning out.

Just turn and look behind you
From the place at which you stand,
And look for me through the shadows
And reach out for my hand.

I will lift from you your burden
And cry for you your tears,
Bear the pain of all your sorrows
Though it may be for a thousand years.

For in the end I would be happy
To have helped you start anew,
It's a small price to pay
For the gift of knowing you

Friday, February 15, 2008

.....thanks alin n yana

erm..don't really noe wat to say..just that i am really thankful to all the supports that i received frm u guys..rite noe i am relly falling apart..really2 empty..i noe that there is still much, much more to me in this world..but until i actually found them..i just dun realy noe how to move on..i've benn living in total darknss for the past few feelings at all..can't even feel like i'm still breathing..but i wanna thanks u meant a lot to me..i dun know wether i can recover or not..i know that there're many fish in the ocean.....but its not about that..its just that losing her felt like losing myself..felt like i was taken away too..every people will face death..that's smething that none of us can't deny..but i dunno..i'm just so empty now....i broke my leg few days back...i tried to jump from the balcony..but i was 2 damn scared..just manage to break my leg..i dunno..i'm reakky falling apart...but really,thanks so much..thank you

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hmm.. life is very3 empty now..remember that i told u that my ex ask me to go for a dinner with her? was 3 days b4 that nite..after we broke up, i met this fine young girl at the library after class..he came to me and asked me why was i being so sad and quite in class..u see,she was in my class but i nver ever2 noticed her..n i will regret it for the rest of my pathethic life..we instantly became friends..nothing more than friends..this was a year ago..we did lot of things,crazy things..just name it..and day by day i grew this warm feeling for her..i was in love with her but i was afraid that she might rejected me and that will jeopardice our friendship..i kept my mouth shut..thinking that i'l never tell her my deep feeling for her..but i was wrong..dead wrong..i told her the night my ex asked me to the dinner..she never said anything to me after that..she ignored me in class..she didn't answer the telephone..and i felt as if she was fading away.. it took her 2 weeks when she finally told me that she likes me too..only that she was in shocked that i share the same feeling too..i was happy..more than happy..but it lasted only for 2 weeks..the night that i when for the dinner with my ex..i went with a heavy heart..dun get me wrong..i told her where i'm going and she said she's fine with that..on my way to the restaurant,her brother called..she was in the OR..she met with an acident on her waay home..i was speechless..tears rolled down my cheeks..i rushed to the hospital immediately but i was too late..her skull was fractured..with the major blood loss..she didn't survive..she left me..left me alone without any goodbyes..emm..she was no more..i dun know what to do..i tried to killed myself..i just dun know what to do

Thursday, January 31, 2008

life is full of surprises!!...

it feels like ages since i posted anything(worth reading)...i don't want to post just for the sake of making a new post but i wan tto share something that is actually worth sharing...firstly...CLOVERFIELD suck!!..i repeat..Sucks!...i was really3 excited to see this movie..mostly because its been a big secret and all...i wan to know what destroy manhattan and you know...the usual stuff..great acting,new talents and the list goes on..and i've been(sadly) promoting this hell of a movie to all of my buddies and ya, they went and saw it...i really, really much regret that was utterly a huge dissapointment..i'll give it a 4 out of 10 leaving out the headache that i got from watching was the first time that i felt so nauseated in a cinema,watching a movie..not because of the disgusting or gory stuff but by the camera that is so 'wild' in taking the shots...i was really feeling sick in the cinema and my friends was swearing to the way of the movie is filmed...although cloverfield was a huge dissapoinment, Gabriel sure cheers me that is a movie..although it cannot be compared to those like LOTR, Ghostrider or Batman, it can still brings out the story of the movie and we get the idea of the film...nonetheless, nothing is perfect..but still, we can try to achieve a tiny bit of perfection with a little of hardwork and determination..=p..enough with the blabbering...i just watched MEET THE SPARTANS this afternoon and it wqas damn hillarious..the story was brought beautifully..and from my perspective, it is the best spoof movie ever made...i'll be watching it again after this..hahaha..can't get it out of my head...ermmmm...too many things happened in these few days...our great lyric writer died yerterday and i was really shocked...he's just 51 this year..well..may his soul be bless by THE ALMIGHTY...and also...the controvercial actor of the movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was found dead in his appartment at the age f 28...a great loss indeed..well..CHINESE NEW YEAR is arriving soon and i can't wait to visit my friends in seremban...i hope that this rat year will bring us more luck and good all out there...........GONG XI FA CAI...-out-...(n.n)